Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America

In the Lutheran Church, one encounters a great deal of talk about ‘confessional Lutheran’ doctrine and practice; sadly, the substance has been something quite different. The various ‘synods’ often appear more interested in a ‘theology of glory’ (focusing on worldly prestige, money, and ‘numbers’) than a ‘theology of the cross’ which recognizes that the Church is despised by the world because she is the Bride of Christ.

The Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America is committed to the restoration and advancement of consistently Evangelical Lutheran doctrine and practice in harmony with the Sacred Scriptures and the Book of Concord (1580).

At present, there are eighteen pastors in the ELDoNA:

  • Pr. Jeffrey Ahonen (Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Tony, WI; Alpha and Omega Lutheran Mission, Winter, WI; Peace Lutheran Mission, Ironwood, MI)
  • Pr. Jerry Dulas (Sts. Peter and Paul Lutheran Church, Simpsonville, SC)
  • Pr. Douglas Handrich (Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Peoria, IL)
  • Dcn. Gary Harroun (Trinity Lutheran Church, Herrin, IL)
  • Pr. Kent Heimbigner (Charity Lutheran Church, Burleson, TX)
  • Pr. James Heiser (Salem Lutheran Church, Malone, TX)
  • Pr. Michael Henson (Trinity Lutheran Church, Herrin, IL)
  • Dcn. Martin Jackson (Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Rogers, AR)
  • Pr. Daniel Mensing (Faith Lutheran Church, Tigard, OR)
  • Pr. Randall Moll (Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Rogers, AR)
  • Pr. Mark Mueller (Redeemer Lutheran Church, Cambridge, MN)
  • Dcn. Anthony Oncken (Salem Lutheran Church, Malone, TX)
  • Pr. John Rutowicz (St. Boniface Lutheran Church, Niles, MI)
  • Pr. Josiah Scheck (Christ Lutheran Church, Richmond, MO)
  • Dcn. Floyd Smalley (Saints Peter and Paul Lutheran Mission, Knoxville, TN)
  • Pr. Eric Stefanski (Holy Trinity Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Harrison, AR; Emmanuel Evangelical-Lutheran Mission, Conway, AR)
  • Pr. Timothy Tolar (St. Luke Lutheran Church, Kenai, Homer, and Fairbanks, AK)
  • Pr. Brandon Warr (St. Patrick Lutheran Church, Chipley, FL)

We have been receiving many inquiries regarding membership in the diocese—please contact the diocesan bishop for more information.

What is a Diocese? We recognize that the term ‘diocese’ has not often been used among Lutherans in North America; but we found that the other terms which are being used are inadequate or misleading. A ‘synod’ is a meeting of bishops—not an organization. Terms such as ‘fellowship’ or ‘association’ seem too vague, or have too often been misused. And for a man-made organization to usurp the name “Church” to itself seems presumptuous, at best. We are a diocese: our bishop (superintendent) serves his fellow pastors, even as he serves the congregation which the Lord of the Church has placed into his care.

At our 2006 diocesan synod (meeting of pastors), Pr. James Heiser was called to serve as our diocesan bishop, and we are blessed to have him continue to do so to this day.